About Me

Born in Vancouver I have lived almost all of my life in Vancouver.  During that time I have taken photographs dating back to the early 1960’s and have been running since 1981.  I also have scanned my father’s and grandfather’s photos some of which date back to the 1910’s.

While I have posted some of these photos on my Flickr site I have always felt that, in some cases, more description of the times/circumstances/history around the photo would be possible on a blog than as a short description on a Flickr photo.  I hope to provide a more in depth history on this blog.

My historical photos cover the Vancouver and BC area as well as many other parts of the country and the United States.  In particular, many photos cover railroads and steamships.

My more current photos/videos also include driving trips which I have been doing since 2013 and many running related events … I am a long time member of VFAC … Vancouver Falcons Athletic Club.

This blog will be a continual work in progress as I refine what I want to talk about, how to say it and how to incorporate the photos. 

Links to my online life can be found at https://rickslinkinbio.ca

One thought

  1. Hello Rick, saw some of your photos on-line at Pier BC in the 70’s. Although I’m retired and have been living in Winnipeg for the past 34 years. I did work for the CPR on the waterfront in the 70’s. I have many old photos from that time. Actually I was the pile driver foreman for Pier A1 A3 and BC. It’s great to see these old photos as Vancouver was a big part of my wife and my early history together.

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