2017 Snowshoe Adventures

Snowshoe Grind, Grouse Mountain

While I was “active” in elementary school (played soccer, basketball, baseball) by high school that virtually stopped (my high school had an “English” background to rugby was the sport and, even with other sports if you weren’t “elite” or weren’t welcomed).  But, shortly before mty 30th birthday I decided I needed to try to get fit so took a swimming course at the South Slope YMCA … course was named “Scared Silly” … I was).  After the first sessions when time came to register for the next session the group was filled so … decided to try a fitness class … named “Puffers” … I did … running around the gym was hard at first (yes, I puffed a lot) but I became a runner and have run ever since.

Above is a somewhat long preamble to saying I have run a long time (now 67ish) but , while I have run through Vancouver Winters, snow and cold were never my friend.  I particularing like running in the warmth of Honolulu.  But while visiting Honolulu last December I saw that a local Vancouver mountain, Grouse Mountain, offered Beginners Showshoe clinics and I registered.  One of the best decisions I have ever made!

I loved it from the very first steps … After the 2nd clinic session I already knew I would buy my own snowshoes (clinic price included snowshoe rental).  During the 3rd clinic session I used a borrowed pair of Tubbs Snowshoes (thanks Dan at Grouse Mountain) and immediately after bought my own pair of Tubbs … I never regretted that purchase and absolute love them.

During the period from early January to early April I snowshoed 40 times … some with 2 different clinics and many on my own.  I am really looking forward to more adventures this coming Winter.

The photos below are from a number of different adventures.  If you have never tried snowshoeing, try it.  Grouse Mountain offers great clinics at a reasonable cost and the Snowshoe Grind plus associated trails is a great environment.  I highly recommend both!

Snowshoe Grind, Grouse Mountain
The View!
My Clinic Group.
The View again!
Almost back at the chalet.
My Tubbs Snowshoes … love them!
Looking down towards Vancouver.
Cloudy but still such a good time.
Sunshine, blue sky, trees, snow … who could want more?
Here I am.


Some days you can see forever.
My first evening adventure … need to do more this year.

On Februay 20th, 2017 I went out to Thunderbird Ridge for the first time … a spectacular journey, with great views and lots of up/down hills.  The next 5 photos were taken on that hike.


Heading towards Thunderbird Ridge … yes, uphill here.
The End … Thunderbird Ridge … Raven was looking for a handout!
Raven followed me for a while …
Thunderbird Ridge
Feb 20, 2017 … the trail out to Thunderbird Ridge
My Snowshoe Clinic Group.
Here I am with full gear … Tubbs Snowshoes, 2010 Winte Olympic pants, old back pack and Black Diamond Poles.
Snowshoe Clinic Group again with our leader, Jim, on the left.
Tubbs Snowshoes again …
Enter a caption
My first ever Snowshoe Race … I want more!
2017 Snowshow Grind Mountain Run
Feb 26, 2017 … My 1st Ever Snowshoe Race … I was faster than I expected!
Found fresh undisturbed snow to explore.
I never tired of these views.
Here I am on a snowy morning.
Pretty in Black & White as well as Colour.
The Snowshoe Grind is well marked and a great workout .  The feeling of peace, quick, solitude is never ending.
Decisions, decisions … which way to go?
Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.27.14 PM
Snowshoe Grind Trail to Dam Mountain and then a bit more at the base.

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