The Journey to 2020 Honolulu Marathon … The Start …

I have decided to start a new diary with entries that relate to my goal of running the 2020 Honolulu Marathon. The entries in this diary will relate only to preparation for that race … but will also appear in my overall Rick’s Diary.

I have thought about trying to run/race the Honolulu Marathon before but haven’t successfully done it since 2012 but I have decided to dedicate next year to a successful attempt!

Back in August Outrigger had a promotion offering up to 25% off rates … after checking the Ohana Waikiki Malia website I decided to make a reservation. The rates are much more expensive but decided that I didn’t care. I have reserved for 4 weeks … starting Thursday, November 19 and returning Thursday, December 17 … cost currently is $5,907.94 (room, taxes and resort fee). I hope that I may be able to get a lower rate while staying at the Malia this November or after their annual Black Friday Sale (assuming they have it).

I started running again as soon as I returned from my September driving trip and have been running 3 times per week. For October and November I may end up running every other day and for December/January perhaps 3 days per week with tai chi on Saturday and snowshoeing during the week.

This morning I had a good 6 mile run around the Seawall … only my 3rd 6 mile or longer run since November 2017! I hope to be up to perhaps 8 miles as a long run before I go to Hawaii in November.

And, yes, I really do want to return to tai chi after I return from Hawaii … hopefully I may do some on my own while there.

The Finish Line!

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