First Hills on the Road to 2020 Honolulu Marathon

My hope for this week was to start running every other day and also start slowly increasing my weekly mileage. Originally I also hoped to increase my long run to 8 miles but realized that if I went to every other day running I would end up running two long runs in a 7 day period and the resulting increase in my weekly mileage would be too much too soon.

But I was able to achieve running every other day with runs on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and today. Plus my 7 day mileage totaled 20 miles for the first time since November 2017. Longer range I hope to do a longer run every Sunday or Monday and then have an easier shorter recovery run 2 days after the long run plus more moderate faster run … perhaps even transition to a true tempo run while in Honolulu next month.

Today’s run, while not a long run was still 5.5 miles and I added running up to Prospect Point … my first real hill since running around Diamond Head last year … while the uphill was slow it was steady and non stop … another small step forward. I do feel rather tired now and a little stiff/sore in a couple of places.

Tomorrow will be a rest walking day and then on Monday I hope to run at least 7, if not 8, miles. Current forecast says all of my runs next week should be dry but also could be rather cool (since I always run in the morning).

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