Journey to 2021 Honolulu Marathon

Journey to 2021 Honolulu Marathon

In my, and thousands of other runners, original plans for 2020, we would be in Honolulu now and preparing to race the 2020 Honolulu Marathon in two days on Sunday, December 13th.

However, then the covid pandemic struck the world and the Honolulu Marathon, like so many other similar events, was cancelled.

The race organizers did allow participants to defer their race entry to next years 2021 Marathon on December 12, 2021 … which I have done. I have also already reserved a room at the Outrigger/Ohana Waikiki Malia. I hope that with the upcoming vaccines that the world will be back to “normal” by next December.

Earlier this year, with the increasing impact of covid on communities around the world, I shut down my training for this year’s race. The planning and training for the 2021 race is now beginning.

For the next few months my training will primarily be long walks plus snowshoeing and shorter runs. The real marathon training won’t begin until next summer.

4 thoughts

  1. Rick, I am glad that I was able to finish my 50 state marathon quest in Hawaii at the 2019 Maui marathon, which takes place in January.
    Good running next year!

  2. Good luck Rick. I finished my first ever marathon in Vegas last November. My wife and I want to run the Honolulu one some year, maybe 2022 0r 2023; I can’t wait to read about your experience.

    1. Thanks Richard. Honolulu is a very well run race. The organizers encourage runners of any ability to run … and keep th4 course open until the last runner/walker finishes. I highly recommend this race.

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