Do you run or do you snowshoe?

At this time of year a runner can face a dilema … what exercise do you wish to do today? Prior to January 2017 I didn’t have this problem, I only ran, but in December 2016 I registered for a snowshoe clinic at a local mountain … and I loved the experience from my first steps.

As a result my winter training now includes running, walking and snowshoeing depending on the weather and snowshoe trail conditions. Yesterday I decided to return to Grouse Mountain for a snowshoe session … a fall of fresh snow had occured and contidions were much better than last week.

As the above profile shows first half of the trail is mainly uphill but then the return is mainly downhill. My legs yesterday were complaining during the last uphill section but were very happy on the return after Dam Mountain. Snowshoeing was a good option yesterday.

From a photographic viewpoint yesterday’s weather … low overcast skies with some light snow falling … wasn’t great but still so beautiful and so peaceful … I look forward to returning again before too long.

And, a new fitness addition as of yesterday …. Apple Fitness+ … many options including Yoga …

4 thoughts

  1. Lovely photos and a handsome website, Rick. Good luck!

    I love to snowshoe, too. I’ve snowshoed in Colorado, Maine, and my current home, New Mexico. Sadly, New Mexico is currently in a severe drought – global warming, of course – so we’ll see how much snow its higher elevations get this season. Phil Davis /

    1. Thanks. I have only snowshoed at Grouse Mountain here in Bristish Columbia and, last February, at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Hope you get snow in your area!

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