Snowshoe Time Again

Today was my first time back at Grouse Mountain since December 14th and is my 3rd time this winter season. My first trip had sunshine/blue skies, the second had low clouds/limited visibility and today’s trip had falling snow/low visibility.

With the weather conditions we have had the last few days, the fresh snow meant nice soft snow cover (about 3-6 inches depending where you were) but with ice below in some areas which made for somewhat difficult footing … I did end on my ass three times today but at least I fell into softer snow … after falling the hardest part is deciding the best way to get up … especially when you fall on a downhill stretch.

Overall, I had a good workout … slightly shorter than my last trip but I am hoping/planning to be snowshoeing again later this week on Wednesday and Friday. Note that the “downhill” showing at the end in the elevation map is due to my forgetting to turn my watch off before starting to go down hill on the Skyride.

With falling snow not as many photo opportunities but here are a few …

If I hadn’t gone snowshoeing this morning my other option was a run followed by a walk … in cold heavy rain! I think I choose the correct training option today!

6 thoughts

  1. Love it Rick! Phenomenal pictures with different mediums, very attractive! I live in Oklahoma makes me wish I could face plant and all that snow… Of course that will last about 30 seconds and then I would want to be somewhere else! Great expression!

    1. Thank you. I hope yo visit Oklahoma again some day but, unfortunately, not for a while. Canada/US border will likely be closed until early Summer 2021 at the earliest.

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