Christmas Over the Years

Here are a selection of Christmas photos dating from my family’s history … showing decorations over the years … dating from 1900 to today. While this Christmas is definitely different than any other year we can still celebrate family memories.

Upper Left … CBC Radio Christmas card early 1940’s … my Dad is “Inmate” VS614. Lower Left … One of my Dad’s uncle’s was Robert Thomas. Right … a Christmas card from my Grandfather (Dad’s dad) … circa 1900.

Edith Thomas, my Dad’s Mum

Christmas Day, 1902

Mission City, BC

Christmas tree when my Dad lived at 1255 Oscar St, Victoria, BC

Date: 1937

These are real candles that are lit on the tree

Christmas, 1941

Mum and Dad in home I grew up in.

December 25, 1945

Christmas 1954

Note the nativity scene on tv … I now have it in my home.

December 25, 1957

Note the wreath in the window and the nativity scene on the tv … I have both in my condo now.

Christmas Dinner

December 25, 1964

Each year I helped my Dad display Santa on our chimney … my Grandfather made the Santa … my brother now has Santa.

December 1967

Christmas 1969

I now have the Santa and sleigh which is on my mantle.

Christmas 2008

My condo

Christmas 2008

2nd last Christmas in my parent’s home.

Christmas 2010

My condo.

The nativity scene …

Christmas 2010 and every year since.

Christmas trees over the years.

Christmas 2020

Be safe everyone and Merry Christmas.

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