Great Weather for Snowshoeing

Yesterday morning I once again returned to Grouse Mountain for more snowshoeing … the weather was much better than my last trip. Today was a combination of some clouds, blue sky and sunshine … temperature around -2C (or 28F).

I was hoping to be able to return to Thunderbird Ridge … where the snowshoe trail ends and you have to turn around … and I did. During the trek out to Thunderbird Ridge I only saw one other person but, by the time I was returning, the trails were much busier. I really like it when I am either alone or almost alone … so peaceful then.

The Strata information below shows the route and elevation change … the first half is primarily uphill while the return is downhill. Today was a good day but on some days you do have to keep reminding your legs that going back is much easier!

With the good weather conditions were very good for photographs … here are a few from yesterday …

I was originally planning to snowshoe again on Christmas morning but the weather forecast is for not very good conditions so I cancelled my reservation for the Skyride (the mountain covid precautions have reduced loads on the Skyride gondola which everyone needs to ride to reach the Chalet and snowshoe trails … you need to reserve your upload and download times for each trip). I will now be returning next Monday if the weather cooperates!

Each snowshoe trip is one small step in my training to run the Honolulu Marathon next December.

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