Christmas/New Year’s Training always requires flexibility!

A short post today … before I start a much longer 2020 recap post.

Last week I snowshoed early on Wednesday, December 23rd … a beautiful sunny crisp morning

While visiting the local mountains is always busy around this time of year, covid has made them even busier since everyone is being strongly encouraged to stay local … no travel out of your local area. I didn’t plan on snowshoeing again until last Monday … which was a much different day … busier and, while some fresh snow, very low visibility and ice in spots. I still had a good time but since my route is an out-and-back route I had to stop multiple times on the return trip due to uphill snowshoers … weather also wasn’t very good for photos …

Given how busy the mountain was on Monday, and the weather forecast for later in the week, I cancelled my reservations for today and Friday.

As expected the weather today was heavy rain/wind at sea level (where I live) and snow/wind on the mountain … with those conditions snowshoe trails are often closed due to snow instability and today they were … I made the right decision to not snowshoe.

So, this morning I decided to run instead … yes, it was very wet, cold and had a biting southeast wind at times but still “fun” … a Vancouver runner needs to be prepared to run in the rain at any time … which I have done many times before.

While not a “fast” run, today is still another step forward to 2021 Honolulu Marathon!

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  1. I liked the pictures you posted from your snowshoe walk, Rick. Visiting up in the mountains is SO good for the soul and for mental health. We have the Sierra Nevada nearby, which are a great getaway for us down in the Central Valley of California.

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