A New Year … A Renewed Beginning

Last year I hoped to be more consistent in writing on this blog and while I was better then the year before I didn’t achieve what I had hoped at the beginning of 2022.

This year I will strive to be much better both with posts about 2023 events plus some catch posts from previous years.

I had hoped to be able to write about another trip to Yellowstone this February but unfortunately the bad rain storms and floods last June destroyed the waste water systems at Mammoth Hot Springs … this resulted in the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel being closed this Winter and my trip being cancelled for the 3rd year in a row (the previous two cancellations due to covid). I hope to able to book another trip to Yellowstone next February once reservations open sometime next month.

But I do have a major driving trip planned/booked starting on April 6th … starting with a return to the Grand Canyon and then heading east to Memphis, northeast to Vermont and back home.

Here is the route heading south and then east …

And here is the route heading back west to Vancouver.

Highlights of this trip include the Grand Canyon, staying in the restored 1898 Castenada Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico followed by my first visit to Memphis and finally returning to The Wilmington Inn in Wilmington, Vermont which is a wonderful Bed & Breakfast with great hosts.

The Wilmington Inn originally started as a private residence in 1894!

In addition to this trip I have another return trip to Honolulu in November … the hotel and airfare are booked and now waiting for registration for the 2023 Honolulu Marathon to open on March 1st for US and Canadian residents.

I will also have some shorter trips to the BC Okanagan during the year.

Hopefully this post is the start of a consistent writing series for 2023 … and beyond!

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