2021 Honolulu Marathon … Race Report

My goals for my first marathon in 9 years were reasonable … at least in my mind!

First, to enjoy the experience!

Second, to not have an injury or any other health problem.

Third, to FINISH … no matter what the time!

Fourth, to run at least 15 miles and hopefully up to 18-20 before I may need to walk/run or just walk.

Fifth, to Finish in under 7 hours … under 6:30 if I have a reasonable day.

Ps. This race, WHEN finished, will be my 30th lifetime marathon and my 16th Honolulu Marathon.

After a long journey marathon day finally arrived!

I had a very restless sleep, as usual before a marathon, got up at 2:30, had an energy bar and some coffee for breakfast, did my last bathroom visit and at 3:27 I left the hotel to walk over to the start.

I arrived just before 4 … first thing I did was visit a porta potty to avoid long lines later … then the waiting until the Start began.

Moments before the Start …

The race started at 5am and I was able to cross the start line just before 5:04 … conditions were warm, humid and muggy … off and on a very light drizzle …

My pace was a bit slow at the start (avg 14:05) up to around 6 miles and then slowly came down to about 14:01 at half but by then I knew that I likely wouldn’t be running to 20 miles … basically went half mile by half mile and just past mile 17 decided that I needed to walk … pace at that point around 14:10 … which slowly crept up until I finished at 14:56.

Overall I was very happy … my main goal was to finish and enjoy the experience … I generally did … though walking up the highway seems to take forever … wanted to be under 7 hours and I was … and almost was under 6:30 … given my training and the conditions I think I did the best that I could expect on that day.

I carried a hand water bottle until around mile 13 … then used my two small bottles which I refilled as needed … also had some gatorade when available … was really tired of drinking water by the end. Overall my body wasn’t too bad … I did get some pains in my upper right shoulder (under the shoulder blade) but fortunately my feet were ok and no cramping during the race.

After picking up my medal and finishers shirt I returned to my hotel room … had good hot shower and then spent 2+ hours just resting on my bed … then had some cramping in both feet and legs. Didn’t feel like eating anything … just wanted to drink Coke.

Later in the afternoon I walked over to the Yardhouse pub for beers and dinner … a mini celebration!

My 30th lifetime marathon … and 16th Honolulu Marathon … successfully completed! And, yes, despite telling myself this race would be my last marathon I was already thinking of doing Honolulu again as I had my beers at the pub!

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