2023 Honolulu Marathon

My plan this year is to once again run the Honolulu Marathon.

Ohana Waikiki East by Outrigger room is booked and plane tickets are purchased. Now waiting for Canadian advance registration to open on March 1st. Then, once my April driving trip is complete, the training will begin.

My 2023 goals are very similar to my 2021 goals with a few minor changes …

First, to enjoy the experience!

Second, to not have an injury or any other health problem.

Third, to FINISH … no matter what the time!

Fourth, to run at least 18 miles and hopefully up to 19-20 before I may need to walk/run or just walk.

Fifth, to finish under my 2021 time which was 6:31:23.

Ps. This race, WHEN finished, will be my 31st lifetime marathon and my 17th Honolulu Marathon.

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