2023 April Driving Trip

Again this year I will be doing a driving trip during the month of April … the trip starts on April 6th and ends of April 27th … as planned a total of almost 13,000 km or 8,000 miles.

The map for the eastward part of the trip is …

And the current heading home map is …

Highlights for the trip include returning to the Grand Canyon …

Followed by a trip to Las Vegas, New Mexico and a night at the Castenda Hotel … built in 1898 as a Fred Harvey Hotel for the Santa Fe Railroad … the hotel closed in 1948 and, after a 15 month restoration, reopened in April 2019 …

After Las Vegas I drive east to Oklahoma City and then on to Memphis, Tennessee for a first time visit … hopefully good food and great music …

After Memphis I start heading north-east to Niagara Falls, New York (first time back since a road trip with my parents and brothers to Niagara Falls, Ontario in 1971) …I will be staying within easy walking distance of the Falls and hope to be able to take photos both in the afternoon/early evening and in the morning.

American & Canadian Falls, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Next is a return visit to Vermont and the New England states … first visited with my parents in 1969 and my last visit was in September 1919 … I once again will be staying at The Wilmington Inn in Wilmington, Vermont … a wonderful Bed & Breakfast location with great hosts and delicious breakfasts … the Inn was built in 1894 as a private residence .

I use the Inn as a base for exploring Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts … staying a total of four nights.

After leaving Vermont I head mainly west including across Nebraska and Wyoming before heading north west through Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington to return to Vancouver.

As usual my trip includes visits to multiple local brew pubs to taste beers that I haven’t had any time before this trip.

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