Creativity on the iPad Pro

I purchased my first iPad (iPad 3) in 2012 and then upgraded to the iPad Air 2 in 2014. At that point in time most of my photo editing was on my MacBook Pro rather then the iPads … and drawing was almost never done.

In June 2017 I upgraded again to the 12.9″ iPad Pro plus purchased the Apple Pencil. After a few months I transitioned and most of my photo editing was now done on the iPad using an Apple Pencil … but still not much drawing.

In May 2021 I upgraded once again to the 12.9″ iPad Pro 5th Gen plus a new Apple Pencil. By this time the iPad was my “main” computer but I still wasn’t doing much drawing … even after repeated vows to start!

In 2022 I became more serious about trying to learn to draw on my iPad. Part of this process was to get some tools to help with the process … starting with Dartboard by Astropad …

My original hope was that this product would arrive in March and I would take it on my driving trip in April … unfortunately due to the all to frequent supplier issues it now won’t arrive until May.

But all is not lost … Astropad also has another product which will fill part of the void … a Compact Drawing Easel which will make editing/drawing using Apple Pencil while sitting at a desk more natural and comfortable …

This product should arrive before I leave on my trip.

One other product I ordered was also from Astropad … a Magnetic Screen Protector for iPad which mimics the texture of drawing/writing on paper …

This product has arrived and does exactly what it says!

These three products plus a renewed determination should spur my drawing plus also help with photo editing and hand writing using Apple Pencil.

Hopefully 2023 will be an interesting challenging year on my iPad Pro with many new opportunities to explore.

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