Photo of the Day … February 26, 2023

Delta King in the early morning light

Delta King Hotel, Sacramento, California

The Delta King, and her twin sister the Delta Queen, were christened on May 27, 1927 and for the next 14 years they had daily river voyages between Sacramento and San Francisco. Both ships were drafted into the US Navy and served on San Francisco Bay.

After the war the Delta Queen (along with the steam engines of the Delta King) was sold and moved to the Mississippi River where she still is today … the Delta King on the other hand was towed to various places in California and even Kelowna, BC but finally end up partially submerged in San Francisco Bay.

The present owners purchased her in 1984 after 15 months in the Bay and, after a 5 year complete historical renovation, the Delta King reopened as a hotel in April 2019. A wonderful place to stay in Old Sacramento.

Photo taken on April 23, 2019.

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