Uncle Fachie 1932/1933 Road Trip

When I think of a road trip today I remember trips with my parents in 1960’2 and early 1970’s plus my own driving trips starting in 2012. On any of those trips motels/hotels were everywhere, Interstate highways existed and service stations were also abundant.

Of course in the 1970’s all directions were from paper maps and digital apps/directions/phones didn’t exist … so much easier today.

But then I remember that in 1932 my Gran’s brother Fachie, my Mum’s Uncle, drove with four friends from Florida to California and then up to Victoria on Vancouver Island … and back. Amenities as we know it would have barely existed in many locations.

What a trip that must have been.

Here are a few photos from that time … captions in italics are as written in one of my Aunt’s photo albums.

“This was taken the day we left Los Angeles for Florida — Fachie, Steve, Larry B”

TL – University of Southern California to the right in the background from the Bel Aire Estates, Beverly Hills. TR – Looking North into the hills from the Bell-Aire Estates. In the distance is Beverly Hills proper. B -see comments
TL – Galden Gate, San Francisco, Calif. with Seal Rock in the distance. Taken while ferry was moving. BL – Golden Gate looking at san Quinten, Calif. State Prison built on an Island in the Bay. Their is no possible way of escape only by outside …

Steve, Larry, Fachie – The camp on the point on the Gulf and the three jacks at ease. Denny with a 4 lb. blue. A pal metto grove in back of tent Feb 1933

This last photo was taken January 10, 1933 … caption reads …

“Grandad Tomes, Denny, Fachie, Larry, Gran, Phillis, Steve”

Phyllis was my Mum, Grandad Tomes and Gran were my Mum’s Dad and Mum. The four travellers were Denny, Fachie, Larry and Steve.

I wish I had more information on this trip and all of the adventures they must have had during the transcontinental trips.

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