Journey to 2023 Honolulu Marathon … May 5, 2023 Update

With my driving trip in April now over, and now being almost up to date again, my training for the Honolulu Marathon next December has commenced.

I returned from my trip on April 27th but took the first few days to slowly get my legs adjusted to walking longer again … didn’t do any long walks or any runs during my trip.

On my first run last Tuesday I restrained myself and only ran 3 miles … slow and easy but legs still felt some discomfort around the 2.5 mile mark which was unexpected.

My next run was this morning when I increased distance to 4 miles and was also somewhat faster … legs definitely felt better today.

During the rest of May I will slowly increase distance but not really think about speed (as hard as not thinking about your speed can be) … hopefully be the end of the month I will up to around 7-8 miles for a long run.

As an “older” runner I have learned that recovery between runs is even more essential then when you are younger but starting the build up to the marathon this early allows for extra days off if necessary.

For the next two weeks I will likely take 2 days off between each run … after that I will take one day off but when runs are 8-10 miles or longer I expect to take 2 days off in some cases.

The goal is to arrive at the marathon injury free!

I hope to do updates every 2-3 weeks during the rest of the year.

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